The role my mother played in making me melanin rich part 1

Its been a while, I’ve been MIA for some time now… But well I’m back that’s what matters. More inspired n determined.

This pandemic won’t stop me from reaching out to you. Although my daily routines have changed a bit… More for the best, but financially struggling. Working from home has always been a dream but now I don’t wish it anymore, 😢I’m not socializing as much, çhatting and face time can’t fill up the hunger inside of me, I’m a people person n I prefer to step out n meet people. Its how I get business done and remain sane.

But you know, even with this virus laughing at us, n despite the lock down we must continue to make money💰, so kindly support my online business, via instagram “bake0home” or “bake@home“, here i sell baking baking ware, from mini ovens, mixers and your other baking necessities. In that even you in your small kitchen or hostel where ever you might be can whip up some thing and transform this lock down into something delicious/pastrilicious , out with the boring n in with the tasty treats.

My beloved mother always taught me about inner beauty, and what it meant to love yourself for who you are and what you are. And I always appreciated that till this day, with my mind set to that, I’ve found it easy to maneuver through this complicated life of love.

You know, those relationships where your hubby who has been telling you how much he loves u, even makes all these ridiculous stunts just to get your attention, suddenly leaves you for a lighter skinned girl… Or even when your out on a date he keeps eyeballing light skinned ladies…. I mean what the heck is that. In my mind, i keep thinking what game is this, is this his way of telling me to lighten my skin, or I’m I that kind of girl hé has aside as plan B, you know just keeping me there to show that he is married or in a relationship, n the ones he keeps staring at are infact his dream girls the moment she says yes he is up and gone…..😱. But guess what “BOYS BYE” 👋 i was raised different stronger to hell and back, with confidence bigger than the universe, I can let go and be free any day anytime. Don’t quote me wrong, I’m not against white or lighter skinned ladies, i believe we are all perfect in our skin colours which is the main reason for my blogs, in here I’m emphasizing and writing to all the blackies who can relate out there…..

My mother always knew how to care for her skin and mine to, she was so against bleaching that the day I tried to do it as a grown up (20yrs) , the lecture i got, opened my third eye… I started to see things and life perfectly and for what it is, and I learned to appreciate a lot of things….. My journey during my attempt to lighten up was during that make up hype time, around 2013 onwards. Where there was cool make up on market but no foundations or staff related for darker / black skinned women, when we would wear the make up we would have brown faces and black necks n hands, so a lot of girls resorted to bleaching to match up with the trend… Forgetting trends change. Also with Instagram ,every belle wanted to be a queen, travel….n the only way for a broke girl n lazy girl to slay is to get a rich sponsor, or white old man… In other words be an upgraded prostitute, and by then most men in that category only liked lighter ßkinned girls…so if you wanted the life you had to make that sacrifice. FOR SOME….

My mother made a lot clear to me, that wasnt the path I wanted or where I thought I was heading…to me i thought well its the trend lighter is prettier…. Thank God she slapped it out of me religiously and physically….

For the physical part , you will have to forgive me, but don’t expect me to share with you how I got schooled at 20, please I beg no way.

Religiously, she started by quoting for me a bible verse mathew 9:15,(read it). And she went on to explain to me, that, if black skin was so ugly, why did God himself have to put as in such rich and precious soils, Africa is the treasure the white man &pirates looked for in the past and found.

We have all kinds of resources from the earth to the trees to the animals to we the people, she added by saying there is something so unique about this continent and black skin that the day we elimate the white man’s description of us and see ourselves for who we really and truely are we will discover our strength. And not let any outsider mess with the way we think and reason or the way we look at ourselves.

She went on and said if I wanted a white child, I would have married a white man, or even started bleaching you from the time I gave birth to you. But I valued melanin so much I treated and natured our skin with great care, using natural oils, ( in my culture as a langi from northern Uganda, mothers smear their babies with shea butter oil, most make it them selves others buy. But now day with the excessive tree cutting to make charcoal, a lot of the shear butter locally known as yaaw trees have been cut and burnt because they make the beßt kind of charcoal, so kindly let’s fight together to stop this reckless kind of activity, the tree takes years yo fully mature and bear fruit, so incase you find a seed please plant it.)

With my mother selecting all the kind of oils I ever used, lotion was our last option, i think the only lotion I ever used while still in school was girlfriend, n it didn’t cause a mess to my skin, it was mild and kept me glowing. Even after my attempt to bleach, I recovered using girlfriend and when I got back my tone and my skin was less itchy I begun to use blue seal Vaseline, the baby jelly…. Though my beloved mother still insists I use shea butter oil so that I may achieve a more smoother skin and a brighter glow…. My excuse at the moment is the lock down n also I bought the biggest tin of Vaseline that i have to finish…then I can slowly get back to shea butter.

With alittle bit of that being said… I dedicate this specific blog and the rest that with follow to my beloved mother, melanin queen. Even in her condition at the moment, I know the strong woman in her and by God’s grace she will make it, n get back to good health. And through her upbringing and guidance I will continue to encourage young black girls to appreciate themselves… Àt all costs.



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