Melanin is more than gold.

The original

Melanin, black, dark, night, charcoal, coal, soot, loam soil, black soil.

This ageless skin is my pride. You can’t walk into a store and find a cream that will give u melanin. Expensive is what is rare, can’t find and can’t afford. Untradeable.

You can easily and quickly transform from black skin to white and leave no trace behind, the reverse is possible but imperfect, in natural. Melanin isn’t something that can easily be faked, it chooses you, that’s nature’s (earth ‘S) law.

This my melanin, beneath my skin, buried into my skin is my assurance each day that me and the earth are one. This is my home, I am from it, from it’s mud I was made. I am a creation from the most fertile of soils, the one in which vegetation thrives, the one which the trees love to bear fruit from. Hence my ageless appearance.

Nature gave me a weapon,

Just like the cuticle on leaves, my melanin protects me from the hot midday sun that mercilessly strikes my skin.

My melanin knows no wrinkles, fights aging with all its got. Keeps me young all the time, when I’m 30yrs my melanin is only 25yrs. And while other scavenge for beauty products and going under the knife. I am in the comfort of my home worry free.

Melanin your silence is golden but your presence and beauty is even more.

I thank Mother Nature for you. You Camouflage into the night’s darkness and bloom at sunrise like a flower, you standout all through the day. I must admit, if I ever loose my melanin, then I will have completely lost myself.